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Welcome to OKIB Band Member Businesses!

Welcome to the vibrant showcase of OKIB Band Member Businesses! Here, we celebrate the incredible talent and entrepreneurial spirit thriving within our community. Our members are innovators, artisans, and creators, each contributing unique skills and passions that enrich our collective culture.

Whether you’re looking for handcrafted treasures, professional services, or delicious local foods, you’ll find it all here. Our band members are not just business owners; they are storytellers, dream weavers, and visionaries. They infuse a bit of who they are into every product and service they offer, bringing a touch of syilx magic to everything they do.

We invite you to check out our diverse directory and discover the amazing talent within our community. Support local, connect with our culture, and experience the richness of OKIB through the incredible businesses that call our land home. Let’s celebrate our people, our stories, and our successes together.


Welcome to the heart of OKIB talent – welcome to our band member businesses!

Hold Tight, Great Things Are Still Rolling In!

Hey there! We're putting together something special – a sharing space of some truly incredible OKIB band member businesses. But, as with everything we do, it's all about following the right protocols and doing things the right way.

So, please be patient as we gather the magic and stories from our talented community. We’re making sure every step is respectful. Stay tuned – the wait will be worth it!

Get ready to discover the amazing creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of our OKIB members soon!

OKIB-Owned Businesses


Studio sísp̓l̓k̓ Gallery

Studio sisp̓l̓k̓ Gallery Inc. is a safe, sacred creation and viewing space to preserve and share First Nations contemporary and traditional arts. Inspired by a love of land-based performance art, contemporary and traditional art practices, wild horses, culture, language and storytelling activities through digital art, walking tours, land-based performances and natural material workshops that raise awareness of Syilx First Nations sovereignty.

Owners: Mariel and Sienna Belanger

Contact Email:


BannockSlaps Burgers & Bannock

Welcome to the catering company that offers up the nation's crispiest frybread and dishes! Whether you need catering for a small gathering, a community feast, or just want a party for the tastebuds, we've got your back (and your belly). Come hungry, leave happy, and let our food do the talking – because when it comes to flavour, we're not just frying bread, we're creating community.

Owner: Shane Miller

Contact Email:

Share your business with us!

Are you an OKIB band member with a business you'd love to share? We want to highlight your talents and successes on our website! By submitting your business information, you’ll be helping us build a directory that shares all of the incredible entrepreneurial spirit within our community.

We deeply value your consent and privacy. That’s why we ask you to reach out to us directly to provide your business details. This ensures we have your permission to share your information and accurately represent your unique offerings.

Join us in celebrating the creativity and dedication of OKIB members. Submit your business today and become part of a supportive network that champions our local talent. 


Together, we can make our community shine even brighter!

Share Your Business!

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