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Our Legacy, Our Vision, Our People


Championing Prosperity on the homelands of syilx in nk̓maplqs (Head of Okanagan Lake):


Building a Sustainable Community Through Value-Aligned Economic Development Initiatives.

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New and Upcoming


May 02, 2024

April 2024 Update

We are excited to share some important updates and developments happening within the OKIB Group of Companies that directly impact our community. 

Open for business and welcoming all opportunities

The Okanagan Indian Band Group of Companies (OKIBGC) is built to create partnerships that serve the economic interests of the syilx (Okanagan) people.

sqilx’w Peoples have occupied, cared for, and lived in reciprocity with the lands, waters, and resources of our homelands since the time of our Creation Story, through time-perfected social, political, and economic systems. We seek to revitalize and honour these systems through contemporary innovation.

The Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) believes that a healthy and prosperous future requires the OKIB to pursue opportunities both on OKIB lands and more broadly on our sqilx’w homelands to support a safer, stronger, healthier, financially abundant community for ‘the People to Be,’ our generations to come.

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OKIBGC Currently Operates

OKIB Assets LP
OKIB Construction LP
OKIB Forestry LP
OKIB Management Services LP
OKIB Operations LP
OKIB Territorial Services LP
OKIB Utilities LP



Economic Development Mission

To actively seek, secure, and promote economic activity on OKIB lands and sqilx’w homelands; to create jobs and wealth for the community by promoting the unique characteristics of specified lands to attract businesses that will provide economic benefit to the area, and to ultimately enhance the prosperity of community members.

We will create the environment and develop the infrastructure — through policies and programs — necessary or desirable for successful business development; and assist in building the capacity of community members to be even more successful entrepreneurs.

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